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Victoria's Secret Angel Martha Hunt and Josephine Skriver descend to Hong Kong

Victoria's Secret Angels Martha Hunt and Josephine Skriver were in Hong Kong yesterday to explore Hong Kong's vibrant, nostalgic and "shopping paradise" styles, while striving to discover the "angel wings" buried in the bustling city.

(Mural by Geneyclee Gallery's Hong Kong Artist: Elaine Chiu)

On the first day after the two angels arrived in Hong Kong, they first embarked on the highest point in Hong Kong, the Lion Pavilion on the top of the mountain, and took a panoramic view of Victoria Harbour. Then they sat on the quaint, existing and existing Chinese-style sailboats. Zhang Baozi sailing boat - closer to the prosperous Victoria Harbour.

After the two, they found Victoria's Secret "Angel Wing" by local artists Zhao Yuting and Jeandedieu in Aberdeen Street and West Street, and took pictures in front of the murals before going to the local ice room to taste Hong Kong's unique afternoon tea.

Martha and Josephine will of course go shopping at the flagship Victoria's Secret Hong Kong Causeway Bay flagship store in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong's most vibrant business and shopping district.

To celebrate the opening of the flagship store, the two angels were seen interacting with the fans and held a signature meeting at the store from 6pm to 8pm yesterday on July 24th.


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