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Ninth edition of the "Who's Next?" Initiative features:


Native of Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, Stephanie Vazquez Gonzalez, better known as @earthtopink, received her Bachelor's in Digital Arts and Design at Full Sail University in Florida. Currently she is a junior Creative Director at the advertising agency Grupo Ferrer.

In this insightful interview, Stephanie speaks about her inspirations, situation in Puerto Rico, social media and more!

Q. Your work is on another world of its own! Tell us about your work and what subjects

you’re trying to touch on?

A. I have had the opportunity to explore different art forms such as photography, specifically "food photography"; which is one of the things that I enjoy doing the most. Another one of my passions is music and I’ve worked creating visuals for events and media using my signature style and what describes me as an artist. I always seek to create a story; "Something unique to tell" through everything I do; merging all kinds of elements that brings up a specific meaning on the final result.  I must say that my digital art, which is my main creative outlet nowadays, is where I express everything and let the world know who I am. One of the main elements in my creations is the woman figure, each of my works seeks to capture the female empowerment, strength, and virtues. My art has plenty to say about how I feel and always reflects my emotions. It reflects the experiences of my daily life and the society we live in. Finally, it’s really important for me to express that I always like to combine my work with a significant messages that will shake the ground of my followers, creating an impact one piece at a time.

Q. Tell us a little on what you’re working on now and where you found the inspiration to do


A. I am currently experiencing new things like migrating my digital art into a canvas. This has allowed me to play with "resin art" and let my imagination fly with different textures such as newspapers, magazines, glitter, flowers among other things, creating a 3D visual effect.

Q. Especially now with the increase in economic hardship and a tougher financial crisis,

what is it like being an artist in Puerto Rico?

A. The actual economic crisis that affects my country, even more after Hurricanes Irma and María last year, without a doubt, has caused Puerto Ricans to seek ways to reinvent themselves and offer something unique. Our current situation has disrupted all areas of our community and especially us as artists. This has translated in a significant boom of art exhibitions around the island. Anything from painters, muralists, sculptors, designers to theatre-makers.  

Each one of them uses art as a tool, instrument, and method of transformation, education, expression and also, I must say that it has been an escape for many. In Puerto Rico artistic talent is limitless and the challenge lies in how each person finds its individual way to leave a lasting impression.

Q. Do you think social media has played a significant role in your art career?

A. Times have changed and we live in a digital era where many of the traditional media outlets have been displaced by digital platforms. It is a fact that social media is the leading world communications, and of course, it has influenced my career and my work as an artist. Instagram specifically has given me exposure in other countries and the opportunity to work for international customers. This platform is where I daily capture my art and most importantly where I find my inspiration. Seeing the work of other artists not only stimulates me but above all challenges me to surpass myself, strive and elevate my art to the next level.

Q. Why did you choose to work in collage? How did collage come to be your medium for

art making?

A. If we talk about the reasons I chose to work with "collages" within other art forms I'll have to go back to my childhood. I remember being a little girl in my house where there were always a bunch of magazines no internet, so I found it fun to cut out all the things I liked and captured my attention. I remember I glued them in a notebook I had and created a totally different story of the one displayed in the magazine, and it was this way that without knowing what started as a hobby defined my path as an artist. The collages that are seen in my portfolio are meant to tell stories, serve as an inspiration to others and are open to interpretation. Each person can be impacted or moved in a very different and personal way.

Q. What are some of your goals, what are some of the things you want to achieve

throughout your art career?

A. One of my short-term goals is to be able to display my paintings/collages in a gallery, show a piece of my collections and prove that this is a new and modern way to bring digital art to live. Although I must say that my personal goal in a near future is to have my own space which will serve as a house for emerging artists. A space open to art exhibitions, theater, performance, and music and above all a space that transcends and welcomes everyone not only a specific niche of people. The idea is to encourage the inclusion of all kinds of artists by creating collaborations and developing work that reaches more than a specific type of person and why not, at the same time get other countries inspired by this idea as much as I am getting inspired from them right now.

It was Geneyclee Gallery's pleasure interviewing STEPHANIE VAZQUEZ.

Do make sure you follow her journey by following her on social media

Instagram: @earthtopink

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