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Second edition to the "Who's Next?" Initiative is


At the age of 23 from the United Kingdom, born with an Indian Heritage, Kiran is currently studying her Masters (M.A) in painting at Coventry University, UK.

It has been a pleasure speaking to Kiran about her art practice, difficulties she faces and how art has changed her life.

( Kiran at her studio)

Q: Why have you chosen Oil to be your medium?

A: Oil was one of the first mediums I was introduced to, I think it’s one of reasons I paint in the way I do. I always loved the rich texture of oil paintings and I think being exposed to classical works always made me curious to see what else could be achieved by using oil paint. I have used other mediums, I’ve even experimented with sculpture and jewellery design, but I ended up coming back to using oil paint. I think it was important to me to have all those experiences and they have had a huge impact on the way that I use oil paint now.

Q: How do you choose the type of colours used in your artworks?

A: I’m not really much of a photographer, never have been. There’s something I don’t like about things feeling too “composed” or poised (actually the name of one of my pieces). I prefer to see what happens when you go into that sort of auto pilot mode, I think it exposes some pretty interesting things about yourself. I got into the habit of taking just a quick blurry image, usually on my regular commute. Often using things like filters to really emphasis colour or light. I never work from these images directly, I don’t even look at them during the process of painting but I find that they really affect the colour scheme within my work. One colour I really concentrate on is grey. For some reason, I find that it is always my starting point. Mixing shades of grey even if I don’t use them.


Q: How do you want people engaging with your artwork, whether it be physically or mentally?

A: I’d like people to engage with the work In a very open-minded sense. I think a lot of people try to look at the work as though it’s a picture of something, I get a lot of references to objects like leaves and moons, but there is more of an ambiguity there. I’d like them to be thinking less about what is this and more why. I think in the near future I will begin to play with how I’d like an audience to engage with the work physically. Essentially, I want the audience to delve into potential narratives within the work, questioning potential landscape elements or even characters.

Q: Where does your inspiration come from?

A: My inspiration comes from a range of places! Most importantly from other artists. It’s never just from paintings, I like looking to sculpture and design. Film and music also play a part in inspiring me, usually the mood and the way it engages with you mentally. It’s something I try to show in my work very subtly.

Q: What is the most challenging part about working with oils?

A: The most challenging thing about working with oils is probably trying not to fall into the trap of producing the same thing over and over again. I try to experiment as much as I can with application and my method to keep the work developing. I have found that even if I try to recreate something the work loses its spontaneity.

Q: Do you think painting and art itself has broadened your life and if so, in what ways?

A: I would say that art and painting has definitely broadened my life so far. On a personal and creative level, I’m learning more about myself and am able to challenge myself a lot more. As my career keeps developing I hope that it continues.

It truly was Geneyclee Gallery's pleasure interviewing Kiran.

Do make sure you follow her progress by following her on social media

Instagram: @kisamra

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