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Updated: Apr 5, 2019



Born in Freiburg, South of Germany in 1988, currently living in Bad Krozingen working alongside in Freiburg in public service as a constructor in the field of underground engineering.

Q: Hello Felix, we’d all love to know more about you.

A: I am a self-taught contemporary and conceptual artist, painting “Life Forms of Universe” with black markers and acrylic paint on paper. At the same time I write art poems which are a fundamental part of my art concept. I had been practicing my watercolor paintings until I had to move out on the countryside to Crailsheim for my first job in 2014. To my flat near Crailsheim, I carried my first bought acrylic paint and started to experiment beyond my comfort zone. However, I kept my outlining black lines which are still an essential part of my artistic style.

My father plays the harmonica, sings in a choir and writes poems. I think a lot of his creativity I got from him. When I was a child, I learned to play the clarinet and played in an orchestra for more than five years.

Last year I participated in group exhibitions at the Art Parma Fair 2018 and the Arte Padova 2018 in Italy. This year I was shown in a group exhibition at the Arte Genova 2019 in Italy and in the “A-C in Alphabet City” All Art+ exhibition at Van Der Plas Gallery, New York.

Q: What is the message you are trying to convey here in your series of work?

A: My mission is to bring the awareness and realization of being part of every single “Life Form Of Universe”.

These painted “Life Forms of Universe” all have their open soul holes to look through them on a mirror. Therefore, we can see us in this mirror realizing that we are these “Life Forms Of Universe”. This is our life and getting shown in colorful and various ways.

This realization is more important than anything else to me and ultimately makes me happy.

One of my main art poem is:

Gay-Straight-Love Goes Universe

Gay-straight-love goes universe

and comes back to us,

enlightens us.

- Felix Obermaier, 12/2017

Q: Can you share with us some of the difficulties you face as an emerging artist? 

A: At the beginning you don’t really know how to start and whom to trust. The first collaborations you feel insecure and not sure how to handle it, but in the end every step you take is worth it.

Also to find the right balance between producing the artworks and promoting them is not so easy at the beginning. Promoting yourself, your art and your mission is part of an emerging artist. You have to choose and make many decisions again and again, which is fun on the one hand but can be difficult and exhausting on the other hand. But you learn to accept things to turn out as they do and to be patient and always active.

Q: What inspires your work?

A: I grew up with many pets like dogs, cats, rabbits and even horses. So my whole childhood is still a deep inspiration for my work.

All parts of nature, all “Life Forms Of Universe” and light in all its spectrum. My favourite music for when I paint is German and international music. Artists like Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jean Tinguely and Patrick Angus. My own life through which I live out my conceptual art every day, thinking positive and optimistic and giving every moment a moment of connection with the universe and other races from outer space.

This realisation is more important than anything else to me and ultimately makes me happy. We can see us in this mirror realising that we are these “Life Forms Of Universe”. This is our life and getting shown in colourful and various ways. My outlining black lines are an essential part of my artistic style.

Q: What advice would you give young artists just starting out? 

A: A simple advice I would give to other emerging artist is, don’t be afraid of doing the wrong thing, let your heart and feelings decide. If you are not brave and scared of taking risks than you will never progress. Don’t copy other styles. Find your own and find ways to express it out into the universe.

Q: This year you have exhibitions happening in New York and Italy, what other future projects are you currently working on?

A: At the moment I am genuinely focusing on spending time with my conceptual art, painting new artworks and working on a better delivery in general. I want to convey my messages through my work more easily to viewers, readers and listeners so they can better understand.

As a male model I want to combine my conceptual art with fashion in a new and unique way. I have many creative ideas in my mind. You can be curious about my next posts on Instagram. It will surprise you!

Thank you Felix, it was a pleasure speaking to you.

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Instagram: @felix_obermaier

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