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Born on the outskirts of London in 1977, EPOD grew up with a fascination towards the arts. According to his mum, EPOD was already sketching at the age of 2, graffitiing faces on the the walls of their newly painted house in Berkshire, UK.

His love for industrial architecture and urban life is what inspired him to begin drawing landscapes and figures in the early stages of his career. You can see a strong influence of science fiction and street culture mixed with a combination of fashion, technology, futurism and vintage throughout his works of art making his style extremely unique.

Q. Tell us how your signature style came to be?

A. I used to do a lot of graffiti so my style really is an evolution from that. I also think there is a reflection of medium that I have either studied or had a career in over the years. Things like graphic design, fine art, 2D drafting and 3D I think my style is a synchronisation of all of these elements.

Q. You have this unique blend of futurism, vintage, fashion and tech. What is it that you want your viewers to experience?

A.The overall theme to my work is to translate how technology is now such a huge part of life, be it physical or virtual and how it controls human nature. It is a continuous energy that is used for good and bad which is forever growing and evolving. Its fascinating and equally scary. I have always been interested in futurism and this has been the driving force behind my work for years. Some of my pieces may seem as though they are set in the future or in the past but because we live in a world that is becoming more virtual than real, I like the viewer to make up their own mind.

Q. How do you feel about the current street art scene in UK?

A. I have mixed views really. There is a lot of stuff going up all the time and when you see something new and original it’s great and refreshing. In the UK there are a handful of what I would class as ‘really good street artists’ who push their own boundaries and try new things - however when I see the same stuff from guys over and over it does get a bit dull and boring.

Q. What do you have planned for 2019? Im sure we’d all love to know.

A. I have a couple of live gigs planned which are always fun. I never get tired of painting live, it’s a great buzz. However my main focus this year is concentrating on studio pieces which I’m hoping to display at a solo show in the UK somewhere in the not so distant this space.

Q. Who do you look up to? Who are you inspired by?

A. If I analyse who has inspired me over the years I have to think about those who have left the biggest impact on me. I was a very ‘visual’ kid and would spend hours melting over illustrations and concept art. I’d always refer to guys like John Harris, Ralph McQuarrie, Moebius, Syd Mead, Sorayama and John Berkley for forever inspiring me and for sewing the seed in my sponge of a brain back in the day. A seed so powerful that it still gives me the drive for what I do today. For the graffiti side of things, artists such as Mode2 and Futura were way ahead of their time. For me, they were the 2 real graffiti artists that stuck out - doing things that nobody had seen before.....and they are still creating some seriously dope work to this day! Travel also plays a big part. The more I have travelled, the more it brings life into perspective. I went to Tokyo a couple of years ago and that was truly inspiring. Every street corner was visually stunning and the whole place left a HUGE impact on me. Looking back I think this was one of the key elements for me getting serious about my work. I’m constantly finding people that inspire me, whether it’s through art, music, film, fashion - it’s a big list, we could be here a while!!

Q. For those wanting to get into the street art scene, what kind of advice would you share with them?

A. My advice would be to get your ass out there, rain or shine. Know what you want to do and where to do it. Get to know other people that do it. Always believe in your own work and don’t be put off if someone tells you your work is shit - art is and always will be a matter of taste. If you like it, that’s all that matters. Finally, get a sketch pad and doodle every day and as soon as you have an idea - get it on paper!! The best ideas are the ones that come to you without even thinking about it.

Thank you EPOD, it was a pleasure speaking to you.

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Instagram: @EPOD3000

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