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Fourth edition to the "Who's Next?" Initiative is


At 24, Fashion Editorial Director of Precious Magazine, Creative Director of Prince & Bond, and the Creative Lead of Maison EnBiel based in New York City & Paris. Nothing stands in his path to success.

It's hard not to be inspired when speaking to Djiun about his career, journey, creative process and more.

Q. What was your first job coming out of school?

A. Throughout my educational career I have balanced work along with my studies. I did everything from graphic design to photography and even nightlife. Immediately graduating Parsons School of Design I was picked by the CEO of Voyce Global to become the Creative Director. I dived into the opportunity of design the brand from scratch, which was an immense challenge but incredibly rewarding.

Q. What was your motivation/inspiration growing up?

A. I grew up in the suburbs of Virginia Beach and everything was very “white picket fenced” and perfect, but I dreamed of other worlds. I was inspired by the glossy pages of Vogue, mesmerized by films of outer space, and designers that pushed our society’s boundaries.

Q. You have just launched your Spring/Summer 2019 collection during NYFW at Mercedes Club, what’s going through your mind right now?

A. Everything and nothing. This show has been the moment that I have dreamed of all my life and it’s truly humbling to see it unfold before my eyes. I am thankful to have an dedicated brand partner, Nnamdi Chuks, along with a talented production team led by Gregory Wein that brought this vision to life. I am ready to present an even more extraordinary collection next year.

Q. What is it like working in New York City?

A. It is definitely not for the faint of heart. I knew I wanted to be in New York ever since I was 9 years old and now I have been living here for close to 5 years. The pace and the people in NYC are truly like nothing else in the world. You really learn your value and work for every once or respect in this harsh city. At the end of the day I go to sleep with a smile knowing this is where my heart belongs.

Q. What is your creative process like?

A. My creative process is a tumultuous love/hate relationship. It starts with a moment of inspiration, which then goes through a cycle of research, throwing away ideas, and sketching. Experimentation is key and accepting failure is an integral part of the process. After I’ve defined my concept, it’s time to assemble talent to help bring it to life. Understanding collaboration is the key to success and that dreams cannot be built alone.

Q. What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

A. The best word of advice that I received was from my high school mentor, Erin Richburg, which I still follow me to this day. During a time of immense pressure, she bestowed simple wisdom, which was the power of “no.“ The moment you decide to say “no” you are taking control of your time, energy, and resources.

It was Geneyclee Gallery's true pleasure interviewing Djiun.

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Instagram: @Djiun

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