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Geneyclee Gallery will be activating "Who’s Next?" initiative on

Thursday September 27th 2018 with a brand new artist, followed by an article about a new artist every consecutive Thursday.

The Who’s Next? initiative is a Q&A website article that aims to shed light on emerging artists’ stories and their art will have access to Geneyclee Gallery’s collectors, clients and visitors worldwide.  With the passion for excavating emerging artists as the impetus behind our readership’s devotion to our online publication, artists who are featured will not only be showcased to Asia’s elite, but will be given the opportunity to traverse bridges by showing their work to a diverse and global network. 

Our online publication has have more than 1,200 avid subscribers and our Instagram alone has a following of 17.2k+; the article will be shared via our social media: Instagram, Instagram story, Facebook, Twitter, and WeChat, which offers a strong focus on our clients and collectors in China. Our initiative presents newfound artists with the opportunity to reach active collectors, clients and admirers of contemporary art on a global scale.

We at Geneyclee Gallery are very excited to present to you the first article of "Who's Next?" on September 27th 2018 featuring Katherine Filice; a Californian artist who specialises in highly intricate ink drawings.

To submit for an application, please send the below to

- Your name

- Short introduction about yourself

- Instagram Username

- 6 Images of your artwork


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