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On June 13th, Geneyclee Gallery x Balance Health - Holistic Health Clinic is proud to present to you works by

Joanne Chan. 

Hong Kong based artist Joanne Chan creates paintings that traverse between energy and healing, consciousness and the subconscious, the creator and creation. 

Balance Health’s collaboration with Geneyclee Art Gallery stems from a desire to support people in their journey of self-discovery and healing, and Joanne’s powerful paintings are evidence of her purposeful spiritual journey. In the health oasis in the middle of Hong Kong, guests are similarly guided to live meaningful, healthful lives, using the alternative treatments provided, as no single system of medicine has the answers to every health problem. By providing natural, physical and energy healing, each unique individual can find the most befitting healing method.

Joanne Chan
Joanne Chan
Elemental Kingdom - Dancing Nature (Water), 2017, Spray on Aluminium, 93.5cm x 63.2cm
Elemental Kingdom - Dancing Nature (Air, Fire and Earth), 2017, Spray on Aluminium, 93.5cm x 32.6cm
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