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2017 Art Next Expo and International Artists Awards is a unique opportunity for you to showcase your talents directly to art professionals, collectors and curators.  At the gateway to China, Hong Kong is home to some of the world’s largest art fairs and auctions.  You will be able to make your name known to collectors, gallery owners, and art patrons from around the world.

You will be able to meet top art academics, critics and curators, as well as international young artists to exchange ideas and experiences.

Once selected to join the Expo in October, your works are eligible for the International Artists Awards, which will be selected by the judges on-site.


This truly is a wonderful experience. What’s even more important is that they truly care for the artists, they have partnered up with a leading hotel group called Hotel Ease and Ease access giving discounted room at a top quality hotel for international artists coming in from out of Hong Kong to participate in this fair as well as partnering up with Sunway Express providing great shipping services at discounted rates for artists. 


This is a wonderful opportunity to show everyone what great art you have, and whats best is that its taking place at the heart of Hong Kong. 


Most importantly, it doesn’t hurt to apply. 


Join us to find out who’s next in art!

Art Next International Artists Awards and Art Next Expo
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