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Twelfth edition of the "Who's Next?" Initiative features:


On behalf of Precious Magazine Hong Kong, Geneyclee Gallery's Founder and Director interviewed @LittleThunder, a Hong Kong born artist who has captured the attention of many.

Be sure to catch her full interview in this months issue of Precious Magazine.

In this interview @LittleThunder talks about inspirations behind her artwork, her views on social media, future projects and more!

Q. What is your biggest source of inspiration?

A. Any tiny little stuff in life. As long as you try to feel the present, everything would become an inspiration.

Q. What kind of hobbies do you have and enjoy doing when you’re not drawing?

A. I like to watch comics, pole dancing and cooking.

Q. Tell us about the meaning behind this artwork.

A. It’s the cover of the 2018 published Picture Book 《#ME》. I have always post the content of 《#ME》on instagram. Girls from all walks of life often make the comment of “It’s ME!”. They are trying to find the resonance within my drawing and for this cover, it means “Find your true self”.

Q. What is your biggest fear?

A. I am afraid of running out of time, I hope I can draw as much as I can before I die.

Q. You seem to incorporate a lot of sexually-empowered women in your artworks. Can you tell us more about why this is and how it began?

A. Women who are confident are very sexy. They understand that sex is not necessarily feminine. Being strong does not have to be capable. They know who they are. It’s hard to describe it in words, so I use painting to express my favorite women.

Q. Do you think it’s challenging working as an artist here in Hong Kong?

A. As long as there is a channel for publishing our works, it is probably the same everywhere.

Q. Being someone who has accumulated over 425,000 followers on Instagram alone, what kind of advice can you give emerging artists that want to achieve that kind of reach and those who are aspiring artist/comic artists? Is there a shortcut?

A. From time to time, there is always somebody asking me advice for getting improvement on drawing. They ask if there is any better drawing tool or any shortcut for improvement. Actually, there is only one shortcut, which is to start drawing now.

It was Geneyclee Gallery's pleasure interviewing Little Thunder Do make sure you follow her journey by following her on social media Instagram: @LITTLETHUNDER Next Who's Next? article - 3rd January 2019.


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