Pei Chung 

b. 1992.  Hong Kong.

Pei's works are inspired by the people I meet, happenings of our society and wonders of nature."
PeiChung is bold when it comes to colors. Vibrant colors of minimal saturation are often used to create contrast. Combined with unbounded techniques, his works are easily recognized. He paints to express his emotions and tells stories with colors.

Graduated from the Vocational Training Council, Advanced Diploma in Illustration & Design, 25 years old PeiChung has become a full time illustrator since then. He has held a number of exhibitions and now runs his own studio. Fascinated by his talents in watercolor painting, PeiChung has often been covered in the media. Recent collaborations include Miriam Yeung @My903 Live Concert, Adidas, Vidal Sassoon, L'oréal Paris, Fresh and more.

綠島回憶V3, 2017, Watercolour, 11" x 7.5"

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